Actos Games Development Blog

Welcome to the main Dev Page of premiere indie dev, Actos Games!

A start-up in Burlington, NC, Actos Games is based around crafting interesting and innovative experiences for any variety of platforms, including PC, Mobile, and consoles. Established in 2013 by Jonathan Meyer, the company creates any type of genre of games, including but not limited to RPGs. Actos Games self-publishes on any platform it releases its games on, to better allow direct communication between developer and consumer.

At Actos Games, many games are in development, including:

  • psyscrolr, Wii U eShop
  • APEXICON: Fantasy Puzzle Combat, PC, Wii U
  • unnamed project 1, Mobile
  • unnamed project 2, PC
With the upcoming projects in place, we hope to deliver a great experience no matter what platform Actos Games finds itself developing on. We encourage you to visit this site often to see our newest news and developments!


What Actos Games Does

Currently in development on APEXICON: Fantasy Puzzle Combat, we are hard at work making the game take full advantage of Unity 5 on PC. Future screenshots and videos will come of our game, as well as previews around the net from featured sources of video game media.


Need a hand publishing?

Actos Games actually does the publishing work for you! Do you have a game you'd like to sell on the Wii U eShop or Steam? Actos Games can use its name and marketing power to make sure your game is a hit. Inquire at admin (at)